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I help Leaders and High Achievers show up as their best selves and own their moment every time they speak!

International Award Winning Public Speaker! Book Me as your Keynote Speaker, Workshop Facilitator or Communications Coach.

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  • Chelsea B.·

    My one-on-one session with Ms. Kelly was an exceptional experience as I prepare to compete at the Miss San Antonio USA pageant! She provided constructive feedback and advice that I was seeking to help improve my interview skills AND boost in confidence. Grateful for her expertise and encouragement!

  • Theresa Strong·

    Dear Kelly,

    Thanks to you we had an amazing luncheon!

    You are inspiring and a terrific speaker. The handcuffs were so impactful and made a lot of people look back on the choices they are making right now. Even in a room of the blessed, we need to break free.

    I am so grateful that your "#3" was Bel Inizio. I never heard the story of Jane before and it really touched my heart. You are so very special, even making a donation. Thanks to you we will be able to start even more groups and move so much faster to the match goal!

    All told we brought in just about $20,000! However, sustaining donations were amazing. We received commitments for $700 a month, which equals $8,400 a year, which when matched, is $16,800. So while the sustaining donations will come in over the next year, as will the match, this event gave the likely long-term outcome of over $30,000.

    Kelly, just imagine all the "Jane's" we will teach to help themselves.

    From the bottom of my heart, Thank you.

    Theresa Strong, Executive Director
    Bel Inizio

  • Stephanie Ludwig·

    After not making the semifinals at Miss Texas USA my two previous attempts, I reached out to others and asked, "What can I do to better myself?" Everyone's reply would be, "You have great stage presence. It must be your interview!" I have worked with other interview coaches that were amazing and helped me with great success, but once I started working with Kelly Sargeant the interview process became so natural. She took my story, passions and life ambitions and taught me how to articulate "Me" to the judges. She never suggested I change who I was or what I believed. Kelly gave me the tools to build on to what I had worked so hard for. In the end, I achieved my goal and placed as a semifinalist at Miss Texas USA 2018! It's not always about winning, it's about growing and achieving the goals you set for yourself. Most of all, it is being able to articulate the best version of YOU.

  • Deidra Ritchhart·

    Not only is Kelly a pageant coach, she is also an AMAZING motivational speaker. When I was attending Oklahoma State University, she spoke to our "1 is 2 many" organization about her life experiences with being a minority woman, and her issues with sexual assault. It was one of the most inspirational speeches I have EVER been given. I was so blessed to be a part of it, because even NOW, she continues to inspire me through pageantry, AND also being a victim knowing that I am for sure NOT alone. Kelly is one of the best women you could ever meet, and you will NEVER be disappointed in working with her!!!<3

  • Theresa Strong·

    For the past 5 years, Kelly has been a keynote speaker for Bel Inizio. We keep asking her to come back because her inspirational speeches are second to none. Bel inizio (Beautiful Beginning in Italian), is a nonprofit that helps victims of abuse and addiction build their confidence and life skills. Kelly's speeches help our clients understand that a beautiful new beginning is possible for each of them. She has shared her lessons learned through her past, experiences and struggles, and the tools she uses daily to help achieve a positive today and an even better future. Kelly’s amazing optimism and energy captures each woman’s attention. She is an inspiration and given hope to many Bel Inizio clients.

    Theresa Strong
    Executive Director

  • Josh Wallenstein·

    Kelly Sargeant is one of those unique individuals with a gift for presenting. She naturally and flawlessly appeals to the audience...and when she winds up, you're disappointed it's done!

    Every presenter can improve. For me, Kelly courteously pointed out unconscious elements in my public speaking that, when corrected, helped my flow and strengthened my arguments. Kelly's a great asset to have on the team!

    Josh Wallenstein
    Chief Compliance Officer

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